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About Us

Alimco is a company with almost 20-years history, specialized in the trade of raw materials for confectionery, bakery and ice-cream production. We have been carrying out our activity since 1992 and have been focused on the small-scale and medium-sized business – pastry shops, bakeries, gelateria, HORECA. Alimco is working with 27 external suppliers, 15 of them official representations. We have wide product portfolio – around 1000 active products on stock. We are serving to 2000 clients – small and middle-sized, as well as industrial clients, HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, Catering) and METRO. We have a well developed distribution network, including 11 warehouses throughout the whole country and a transport of our own, delivering “door-to-door”. Our team of 20 people takes care of the complete service of the clients.

Сградата на Alimco

Our Partners


CALLEBAUT is the gourmet division of the biggest company in the world for producing high quality cocoa and chocolate BARRY CALLEBAUT. They called themselves the finest Belgian chocolate. Every kind of chocolate is unique itself as it’s produced from attentive grown cocoa beans from different points in the world, every cocoa beans is selected, baked in its cover, keeping thus its aroma.
Dark chocolate 811 is the most sellable chocolate in the world.



CHOCOLATE MASTERS is a company for ready-to-use chocolate decorations. As a part of Barry Calelbaut holding it guarantees final products, made of the highest quality chocolate. Always conceptual and creative, they are striving to reflect even the boldest chocolate imaginations of confectioners and chocolatiers.


CSM GLOBAL is the biggest supplier in the world for materials for confectionery, sugar and bread industry. 10.000 employees, customers in 25 countries throughout the world, 32 brands from A to Z – margarines, whipping creams, instant creams and parfait, fruit fillings, improvers and mixes for bread production and many others. The company is totally focused on satisfying even the most sophisticated and specific requirement of the clients.


You can find here products with YOTIS trade mark, which main purpose is production of health and high quality products. Developing of new products is based on the modern tendencies and research in the field of feeding. The company is striving to continuous expansion of the product portfolio.


AROMATIC is a Swedish company with 70-years experience in studying, developing and producing of emulsifiers, preservatives, improvers, colours and flavours and other products for baking and confectionery. They are produced of carefully selected vegetable materials.
After its beginning in 1936, today AROMATIC has grown into an international company with its own activity and customers in more than 35 countries. The company has ISO 9001 : 2000; BRC and HACCP.


ALDIA is a Belgium company, specialized in the production of fruit fillings, farcituras, toppings and jams. The company has a long term tradition and due to its experience is one of the leaders in the branch.


The Italian company PRE GEL starts in 1967 and today is an example in the world business with raw materials for ice cream and confectionery due to the continuous research, constant quality control and its innovation. From the very beginning up-to-day the philosophy of the company remained unchanged – delivering of high quality products that guaranteed success for every client.


An Italian company, build in 1963 for production of candied fruits and marron glace, fruit preparations for yoghurt, jams and marmalades, bakestable filling creams, salted creams, sauces, etc. It has 6 ultramodern and advanced equipped laboratories, which are making over 400 researches per year according to the specific need of the customer.


SKI-KEN is a Spanish company, build in 1967 based on the production and distribution of dairy products. It’s realized on the confectionery market with the production of dairy whipping cream.


Grown from a small family factory into a modern world famous company, DUBOR is producing release agents, non-sticking agents and waxes. The company is offering from individual sprays to complex machines, which may be adapted to the production of every client. The release agents are produced from pure natural products, easily applied, without following traces after use and are neutral in aroma and taste.


Established in 1926, NOVACART is the biggest factory for production of full range of paper products for confectionery, bakery and catering – paper cups, pads, plates, trays, baking forms. They are offering variety of shapes, colours and sizes. The quality that Novacart keeps up makes it an international leader in this field.


MONTEVERDI was created before more than 90 years and offered a wide range of products – lace doiles, napkins, paper cups, cardboard plates, boxes for transportation of cakes, etc., that are used for packing and wrapping of products for confectionery, bakery, HORECA, etc.


TEDESCO is a company, which offers short and puff pastry tarts and bases with different shapes and sizes, intended for restaurants, pastry shops, bakeries, etc. Due to its experience during the years and the high quality ingredients, the company became one of the leaders on the market in this respect.


The story began in 1847, when Dominique Couplet starts production of sugar. Since then the company developed a wide variety of innovative, 100 % natural sugar products: pearl sugar, brown sugar, fine fondant in powder, etc. Today COUPLET is one of the leaders on the market with special sugars. The main purpose of the company is to satisfy even the most specific needs of producers, distributors and traders in the field of confectionery, bakery and chocolate production.


CUORE EMILIANO is a company which offers bases for ice cream, confectionery creams and vegetable whipping creams in UHT packages.


The company offers high quality products for baking and cooking. The baking paper is used for preparing, preserving and serving of food and emphasizes the appearance, taste and flavour of food. All the papers are biodegradable.


SCATOLIFICIO VENEZIA offers boxes and packages for different fields of application: chocolate bonbons, biscuits and chocolate, plastic cups for mousses, boxes for food, plates for cakes. All the forms may be personalized with gilded stamp, prints, offset printing etc.


Created in 1984 DECO RELIEF quickly makes its name in the field of kitchen requisite and accessories, due to the quality and innovations of its products. Deco Relief offers 5000 products specified in 4 groups – Forms, Decorative materials, Fireworks for indoor, Colours and ingredients.


The company offers professional instruments for confectionery, bread production and catering – transport boxes, tips for piping bags, big variety of high quality instruments, mixers/blenders and accessories, catering accessories, etc.


From the very beginning in 1965 till now, DEMARLE uses the newest technologies for developing of non-sticking products for the food industry – that includes non-sticking pans for baguettes, also silicone pads Silpat. The company made a reputation on the international market, especially due to the new revolutionary conception Flexipan.


MENU is a leader in the field of catering and production of products for restaurants. The wide range of products includes sauces, spices, mushrooms, appetizers and main dishes, desserts, etc. The specialties of MENU don’t contain preservatives and are subject of regular and strict quality control. The used ingredients are exclusively fresh and more of them come from the vegetable plantations of Emilia Region. The recipes according to the specialties are made, are fully in the spirit of traditional home-made cookery with sophisticated taste in the same time.



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